Tuition and Fees

  Ovidius University of Constanța offers a wide range of programs in Romanian and a several programs in English. Students from EU countries have the same rights with the Romanian students if they go through the same admissions process, with the same admissions criteria.  Under such circumstances, depending on their grades (and place in the hierarchy) they may receive state subsidies and study for free or pay the same tuition as Romanian students.  In these cases the tuition ranges from about 800 EUR/year to 1600 EUR/year. Students from countries outside the EU pay higher tuition, specified for international students.  The same tuition is paid by the students from EU countries who are admitted following procedures and criteria reserved for international students (different from those that apply to Romanian candidates).  In such cases the tuition ranges from 2000 EUR/year to 5000 EUR/year. The complete list with the annual costs of studying can be found here.