Preparatory program in Romanian


Faculty of Letters organizes Romanian language preparatory year for international students.

Candidates from third EU countries are enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate education just after graduating from preparatory (after contacting the Office of International Students in order to obtain a new acceptance letter for Bachelor study programme/Master study programme) based on the certificate attesting the candidates knowledge of the Romanian language;
During preparatory year the student acquires the requisite knowledge of the Romanian language as well as specific knowledge training related to the future profile (anatomy, physics, chemistry, drawing etc.) if the curriculum is organized into Romanian.
The duration of the Preparatory language year course for undergraduate studies is one academic year (10 months). For master studies, doctoral and postgraduate residency is at least 6 months.

Profile: human, psychological, economic
Profile: technical, agronomic sciences, mathematics, Applied Mathematics
Profile: Medical
Profile music and arts
Profile interpretation musical theater