Social life

Constanța is a city with a long history, going back about 2600 years ago, when Greek colonists settled in Tomis.  It is the city of Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso) the Roman poet exiled by Octavian Augustus to the periphery of the empire.  It has many museums (history and archeology, popular art, navy and marine history), places to visit (Roman mosaic, Genovese lighthouse, Ion Jalea house, the Great Mosque, natural science complex, sky observatory, dolphin show, aquarium) and several parks.

Constanța is a city for the youth.  During the summer it becomes the point of attraction for people throughout Romania and beyond.  In the Mamaia resort, during the day you can do sunbathing and swim in the sea, you can go to the aquatic park and enjoy all the fun rides, or you can take a boat from the Tomis marina to sail on the Black Sea.  During the night there are many night clubs and places with live shows, where entertainment is at its best.  During the rest of the year, the shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, sports arenas, clubs and restaurants, make the city of Constanța a vibrant place for the young generation.

Constanța county and the region of Dobruja have many other attraction, ranging from ancient cities, such as Histria or Callatis, or monuments, such as Tropaeum Traini in Adamclisi, medieval fortresses like Enisala, old churches and monasteries (Saint Andrew the Apostle) and the UNESCO reserve in the Danube Delta.

Student life and student organizations
The international students have their own organization.  Their main activities include helping the new students with orientation activities for when they first arrive at OUC.  Moreover, the students organize cultural and social events, sports activities and short excursions for Romanian and international students.

The exchange students benefit from the existence of the Erasmus Student Network Constanta