Student facilities


Student housing
Ovidius University has four student dormitories where it can accommodate over 1300 students during their studies.  Given the limited space available, making a reservation for student housing is competitive.  Based on the agreements signed with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the university offers a higher priority to the international students who receive a scholarship from the Romanian government.

The typical costs of leaving in Constanța fall below the European Union averages.  Consequently, many of our international students take advantage of the affordable private accommodation facilities available around the university campuses.

Student cafeterias
Many of our students take advantage of the university cafeteria, which offers inexpensive meals, at lunchtime (when Romanians have their main meal of the day).  Located in the central university campus, the student cafeteria is not open on Saturdays, Sundays or on holidays.

Our students benefit from the main Ovidius University Library, located in the central campus as well as the various smaller libraries that belong to the faculties.  Most of its catalogues can be accessed via the Internet.  Additionally, the students have access to other public libraries in the metropolitan area.  More information about the OUC Libraries, including location, office hours and online access can be found here.

Computer halls
Besides computer rooms for students at the individual faculties, access to computers is offered centrally in the virtual library hall of the Ovidius University Library.

The Language Center
The Language Centre provides international students and scholars with the possibility of improving their knowledge of Romanian, English, German, French, and Italian.  The center is located in the north campus, in the building hosting the Faculty of Letters.  A great variety of materials is there to help with developing language skills.  More information can be found here.

Sports activities
Physical education is part of the compulsory curriculum for the first two years of studies.  International students may choose and participate in the wide variety of sports activities offered by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.  These include various kinds of aerobics, athletics, badminton, basketball, bodybuilding, canoeing, dance, fitness yoga, football, jogging, modern gymnastics, martial arts, skiing, swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

International students may also participate in some extracurricular sports activities under the same conditions as Romanian students.  The University Sports Center is located in the northern campus, next to Mamaia Lake.

International Student Club
The international Student Club plays a key role in the lives of international students at Ovidius University.  Run by Romanian and international students together, its main activities include helping the new students, both degree seeking and credit-seeking, with orientation activities for when they first arrive at OUC.  Moreover, the club organizes cultural and social events, sports activities and short excursions for Romanian and international students.  Further information about the club can be found here.